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Welcome our pets page. Our pets are our friends.

We have a new addition to our family, Petra the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, coming up on a year old.

You can see her in her classic tongue out pose at the left. She and our cat Sweetie
run around the house at top speeds, Petra, usually, in tow.
We also have Goji, the Boxer, rounding out the pack. We are waiting to get some
good pictures of a new addition to the bunch, a little Rotwieler pup.

Things have changed over the past year. Sorry to say, we lost 4 dogs in our family in 2007.
Our dog Boris, the Siberian Husky, Tootsie, the Chow, Nina, the Rotweiler,
and Lady, the Cocker Spaniel (not pictured) all left us for greener fields. We miss them all deeply.

Thanks for visiting! Woof-woof, Meow!