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Whutt: Cuzin Jim 'n' Tim's White Trash Wine Tastin'
(An evenin of Boone's and Dueling Banjos..Yee Haw!)

~~ "This event's gonna bee a bonafide Hootenanny, I gawrontee it...Cuzin' Jim" ~~

Whenn: Satturday, Joon 17, 2000 (5:00pm til Jethro's stray dawgs come home)

Wherr: Cuzin Tim's Dubble Wide -- Out in the Sticks
(16195 Haven Avenue,Orland Hills, Illinois 60477)
Cuzin Tim's Trash Talk Line iz (708) 460-2812 fer Derectshuns
Clik Heer fer map

Hosted by, "The Dukes of Haven" -- Cuzins Jim Bob 'Hank' Jakala and Tim Jack 'Humpy' Porebski.

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